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Do I have any volunteers to run the projector? 

16mm educational films were used in schools until recently, when they have been replaced by the cheaper videotape.   When I was in school, it was always great fun to watch movies in school.  Of course, I always volunteered to run the projector.

Thousands of 16 mm educational films were made between the 1920's and the 1990's.  They are not appreciated the way big Hollywood productions are, but can provide an interesting and amusing glimpse into our society through the decades.  I have been collecting them for many years.  Sometimes I am selling off duplicates or freeing up storage space.  See the links below.

Many of the films appear dated and campy, but others are a great historical resource.  They are wonderful little documentaries showing vanished ways of life throughout the world.  Others are great examples of filmmaking.   Others are thinly disguised propaganda.

Eventually, I hope to add more information to this page about educational film collecting.  Stay tuned! 

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Queen Anne High School A/V Club, 1941
 Hey! Maybe we could see the pictures better if we put it on the projector! 

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Other web sites of interest to fans of classic Educational Films:

Skip Elsheimer in Raleigh, NC runs the AV Geeks.  He has put on a running series of educational and industrial classics for many years in Raleigh.  Skip specializes in the early and campy stuff, and is not afraid to poke fun at the films.  He has put together videotape compilations of some of his programs, for those who can't see the real films.

Geoff Alexander in San Jose, California runs Cine 16.  He has put on a running series of educational and industrial classics for many years in San Jose.  His approach is a more scholarly study of the filmmakers.  He specializes in material from the 1960's through the early 1980's and is most interested in the higher quality "academic" film.  Home of the Academic Film Archive of North America :
The above link has been unreliable recently, try instead:

 If you have a fast internet connection, Rick Prelinger has made many great educational and industrial films available as downloadable video:

The Home Film Preservation Guide.  An excellent guide to film preservation, targeted at the amateur:

Conservation On Line at Stanford University, a great list of articles on film preservation:
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