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Paul's 16mm Projector Page

(Picture of Bell and Howell 202
Look carefully at the links below, I have put together several pages of useful information about 16mm projectors.

General Information

Screen Size
Table of picture sizes for various projection distances (including use of Filmovara zoom attachment)
Table of picture sizes in pdf (Acrobat) format, better for printing. (26KB)
For personal use only, not for redistribution.

Paul's Basic Guide to 16mm Projectors 

Bell and Howell

(Picture of Bell and Howell 1552
The schematics below for the Bell and Howell model 1552 are typical of all of the 1500 and 2500 series.
Amplifier schematic for Bell and Howell 1552: bhampsch.pdf (63KB)
Projector schematic for Bell and Howell 1552: bhprosch.pdf (51 KB)

The Operators manual for the B&H 25xx models is also representative of the 15xx models as well.
Bell and Howell operators manual for the 2585, 2590 & 2592 Series

Bell and Howell operators manual for the 273 Silent Projector

(Picture of removing belt from B&H projector)

How to replace the belt on a B&H 1500 - 2500 series projector

Complete (almost) guide to Bell & Howell Projector Models 


Ampro Stylist Projector

Operator's Manual for the Ampro Stylist (1MB)

Amplifier schematic for Ampro Stylist: amprosch.pdf (130KB)

Amplifier schematic for Ampro Premier 10: premier10sch.pdf (56KB)

Movie Mite

(Picture of Movie-Mite Projector)
Schematic for the Movie-Mite Model 63LM  projector: moviemite_sch.pdf (19KB) 

Operators manual for the Movie-Mite 63LM projector: moviemite.pdf (730KB)

Projector Repair Resources

Need Projector repair service?

I'm going to give a plug here for Ken Layton, who is an expert in movie projector repair, and specializes in repairing amplifiers, solid state and especially the tube amps.  Unfortunately, he is often too busy to take on more work.  He has the specialized equipment needed for proper replacement of Bell and Howell worm gears.  Contact him at:

Click Here for more information about Ken's 16mm Projector Service

Richard C Patchett in Michigan
Repair and parts for Elmo Eiki, B&H and most other 16mm projectors.
Also has parts for the RCA TP 66.
Replaces B&H worm gears.
RC's Classic Collections
Parts and Service

Parts for Eiki, Elmo and B&H.
Repairs on most makes.

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